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Watch vintage wrestling footage of Don Anderson. Check out some rough and tumble action and high-flying manuevers from the glory days of wrestling. Both videos below are from YouTube and can be viewed at full screen by clicking the expand button at the bottom right of the player window.

Memphis Wrestling

Don Anderson vs. Jerry Lawler

In this match, Don Anderson takes on Jerry “The King” Lawler. Before the match, Lawler started a fight with a football player, Mike Stark, who wanted to become a professional wrestler. He gets cracked over the head for it later. The footage was taped live in the WHBQ studios in Memphis, Tennessee, 1976.

Memphis Wrestling Full Episode 01-16-1982

Dutch Mantel and Don Anderson vs. Gypsy Joe and Ken Shane

This clip is a full episode of Memphis Championship Wrestling that aired January, 16 of 1982. In the first opening match, Dutch Mantel and Don Anderson team up against Gypsy Joe and Ken Shane.

Fan Footage

Don Anderson vs. Unknown Opponent

This is a Don Anderson wrestling match, filmed rigside by a fan on on 8 MM film. The sports arena, date and opponent are unknown. No audio was available.