NWA “Slam-O-Gram” spotlight on Don Anderson

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

There is an old saying that says “Nice guys finish last.” That saying does not apply to or hold true for Don Anderson in the least. While Don was growing up in Portland, Oregon he dreamed of nothing else than becoming a top professional wrestler & winning the Oregon State belt which is recognized in Oregon and surrounding areas. While a young boy attending matches in Portland, he thought that was the absolute pinnacle any wrestler could reach.

NWA “Slam-O-Gram” spotlight on Don AndersonDon realized his dream when he won the title, but he soon saw that there were much higher planes of success, such as the prestige that comes along with one of the World titles. Don learned his method from one of his idols, Jack Kaiser, when he visited a school that was operated by Kaiser solely for those that wished to make the transition from the amateur ranks to that of the professional caliber.

Don learned well enough and was one of Kaiser’s brightest and toughest students. “That kid was really tough,” Kaiser once said. “He romped over guys that had been wrestling professionally twice as long as him. He was a stick of dynamite with a short and quick fuse.”

True enough, in his debut, he held the unpredictable–and somewhat unstable–Chris Colt to a draw. Since then, his sensational maneuvers in the ring have earned him big followings of fans.

Don has wrestled for three years now and has completely amazed promoters all through the United States. During a whirlwind tour, he has found that he still misses his old hometown Portland, though he has made himself a name in a number of states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Washington, Tennessee, Texas and provinces of Canada.

“So far, it’s been a tough battle,” he says. “Usually I do pretty well in a win-loss tally. But I haven’t ever come out of a match and said that I didn’t learn anything new. Then I go to the gym, try the new move out to see if it might help me, then I practice it until the move is down pat. Only then do I try out the new hold or strategy on my next opponent. I’ve learned more from opponents than I ever did in any school.”

Anderson’s plan of attack is a pleasure to watch, when he goes after his foe with a variety of flying dropkicks, head scissors, and tackles. He also uses a fine series of basic mat maneuvers such as, arm drags, leg tackles & flying mares to send his not-so-tough opponents scurrying back to the dressing rooms.

Keep your eyes on this one wrestler, because you should be hearing a lot about him in a few years, or even in the next few months.


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